Girls Gone Deep: 3P Celebrates Women’s Month

Underwater HockeyBecause March is International Women’s Month, the girls have played an all-women’s underwater hockey game on Thursday March 22. The girls played 4 on 4 in Manila Polo Club’s 10-foot deep dive pool. “When you guys said the game is going to be in the deep pool, I said OK, but I forgot to ask you how many players!” says JV Lim with a gasp.

Playing a 4-on-4 game is different from the regular 6-on-6 game. Fewer players mean that each player works harder and has to dive down more often. To add to that, playing in a 10-foot deep pool is a lot more challenging than playing in a 6-foot deep pool. Fewer players plus the increased depth results in a workout. “May game pa ba?” says tired Aleta hoping that the answer is “No”. Ironically, she still had her full gear on. ^.^


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